Support handmade products from Mexico and Latin America.


Welcome to MI TIERRA

Our Mission:

Our commitment is to make a difference in the lives of the artisans of Mexico and Latin America, mostly made by the untiring hands of women. By promoting their work of unique and colorful handicrafts with the world in a socially responsible way. Mi Tierra will contribute 10% of all proceeds back to our artisans to ensure their traditions continue to be passed down for years to come.


We are Yendi Herrera and Estela Lopez. Family by destiny and sisters in Christ by choice. God’s love is our driving force to do everything we do in our lives! We both share a passion for our culture and traditions and we want to share the beautiful colors of Mi Tierra with the whole world. Each of these unique and exclusive art pieces come from the hands of artisans who tell us a story through their colors, patterns and shapes.

Whether in the gifting season or not, consider to buy from Mi Tierra Artisan Crafts.

Why buy handmade products vs. known brand names?

  • Creates jobs for entire families and communities.

  • Each piece is unique. Artisans placed their love and creativity into it.

  • Price vs value. It will be worth every penny, treasures are handmade with love not mass produced.

  • Environmentally friendly since there is no use of large manufacturing machines.

Give your friends and family a gift that has the power to build a sustainable business to our artisans and their families.


Our goal is to provide our customers total satisfaction with every purchase.

If you have any comments or concern with your order please email us AT or send a Direct message on instagram.